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A History of Excellence

NEWS!!  Now ELEVEN YEARS straight for Cove Cleaners; voted BEST Dry Cleaner.  This time Cove Cleaners is recognized by the readers of Sarasota Magazine as BEST for 2011.

Cove Cleaners has been around since 1993.  In 1995 we opened our current production plant on Fruitville Rd. in downtown Sarasota.  For the past eighteen years, Cove Cleaners is your source for clean.  We are your choice for dry cleaning because Cove offers only the best, but Cove also offers a full range of cleaning services including carpets, rugs, maid service, drapes and more.   NOW WITH Four Locations TO SERVER YOU AND FREE DELIVERY AND PICK UP, AS WELL.



Commitment to Quality

"The results of your recent Cleaning Performance test were absolutely superb.  DLI recognizes such outstanding results can only come from a true commitment to high dry cleaning quality.  It’s time your customers recognized your dedication.

To show your customers just how committed you are to quality we have enclosed a certificate for you to display in your call office.

Few cleaners are able to reach the level of quality you have.  We congratulate you on your achievement."

Quality is what separates Cove Cleaners from all other cleaners in a very competitive market.  We believe that by providing superior quality, as well as a friendly atmosphere in our stores, we will continue to be Sarasota's number #1 dry cleaner.





Downtown Sarasota | Lakewood Ranch (New Location)
| Palmer RanchOsprey | FREE DELIVERY

 Cove Cleaners believes in giving back to the community.    

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